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The best quality Alphonso mango in terms of size, health, taste, mostly from Ratnagiri variety is selected for the pulping purpose.Most of our products meet the highest international quality parameters. Fresh Indian Fruits are harvested using proper pre  and post harvest procedures and then culled so that only the best produce is exported. However India faces certain infrastructure  problems and bottlenecks due to which export of fresh produce by sea to Western Europe and Far East using cold chain and Modified Atmosphere or Controlled Atmosphere is as yet not possible though trial exports have begun.

This delicious and juicy mango with its exotic flavor and fragrance has long been one of the world's most popular fruits. India grows the finest mangoes in the world and although more than a thousand varieties exist, the Alphonso is the best. The luscious fruit is loved for its wonderful color, wholesome fragrance and irresistible taste. Our mango orchards are located on virgin land in the heart of South India, known to produce the finest quality of Alphonso mangoes. Our mangoes are grown in the most natural way, without the use of chemicals or artificial ripening. Mango requires soil with good internal drainage and must have low tolerance for salts, boron and herbicides. We practice the age-old Indian method of natural farming that prescribes the use of natural fertilizers, organic manure and is now being recognized the world over.

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